About St. Andrew's URC, Cardiff

St. Andrew’s United Reformed Church (URC) has served the residents of Roath and neighbouring areas since 1897, belonging to many Christian churches throughout the years. Our building has survived two world wars, and served thousands of believers and non-believers alike.

​While the numbers of our congregation have declined over the past few decades, we’ve become known as a popular local events and concert venue in the Roath area of Cardiff, South Wales.

Our Team

Revd Des Kitto

Jill Shelton
Minister & Secretary

Christine Clarke
Minister & Child Development

Ian Summers
Minister & Treasurer

Bethan Southcott
Child Development

Jan Kitto
Bible Study Leader

Dr Edgar Cole

Angela Grech
Social Media & Digital

Matthew Tyler-Howells
Head of Digital & Social Media

Web Dev Team
MATTHEW’S Media Networks

Our History

The population of Cardiff was increasing rapidly in the last decade of the 19th century, and the Presbyterian Church in Windsor Place became full. To overcome this, the Roath Park Presbyterian Church was devised; with the first stone laid on 24th March 1897. The first service was held on 5th September 1897 in what is currently our church hall. The new church was a success, but quickly the numbers became too much. On 12th April 1899, the stones of a much larger adjacent church were built, opening to a packed congregation on 20th June 1900. By 1913, there were over 350 regular congregation members – with Sunday School expected to have similar growth following the beginning of scouting and guiding just before the start of WW1.

WW1 saw the loss of many members; who are remembered annually on Remembrance Day. This started the decline of congregation numbers. During WW2, a canteen was run and Christmas parcels were sent out to service personnel associated with the church. From there, our choir and weekly evening services have been lost and we joined the United Reformed Church in the 1970s following the merger of the Congregational and Presbyterian churches.

From the early 2010s, we have re-established ourselves within the local community, hosting a wide variety of communal events, concerts and initiatives. Starting with the Roath Bake Off and continuing through to our unconventional Dragged to Church events, we’ve proven that we are a community hotspot and that we’re at the heart of the community.